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History of Cabbiavoli Castle


The Castle's history dates back to 1210, when the Counts Alberti di Certaldo, chief of the ruling Longobard family that dominated the nearby Elsa valley, built Caput Aulae, as the centre of Val d'Elsa's court. The Alberti family owned and lived in this fabulous Castle, later transforming it into an elegant country mansion, until the 17th century. Traces of the original 13th century fortified castle are still discernible in the square brick tower and the defensive walls alongside the villa.

Cabbiavoli then fell into the possession of the Brandini family, one of the leading families of Castelfiorentino, owners of various farms and a bank. In 1900 Alice Brandini married the entrepreneur Cesare Puccioni, grandfather of the present owner.

Cesare and Cecilia Puccioni with their daughter Ginevra have personally attended the long and accurate restoration of the whole estate, aiming to recreate the typical warm atmosphere and the sense of hospitality that always marked our region.

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