Farm house in Tuscany - Chianti Holiday Apartments at Cabbiavoli

In the Press

  • 25b_homes

    '25 Beautiful Homes' November 2005

    ‘Family jewel’ by Nerida Piggin © '25 Beautiful Homes' photographed by Nathalie Krag
    ' of the first guests to stay (at the villa) since the renovation, the actress Julia Roberts, felt compelled to send for her favourite photographer in LA to come to take photos of her holidaying at the villa...'
  • gioia

    'Gioia' 2003

    ‘E‘ di moda l‘affitto’ by Marina Mattioni © 'Gioia' Hachette Rusconi SpA
    '...La vacanza piu’ trendy oggi sceglie una grande casa, dove ritrovarsi con la famiglia o con il gruppo. E condividere sogni e passioni...'
  • sole24h

    'Venti4uattro' Il Sole 24 Ore, 3 July 2004

    ‘Quattro amici nel castello’ by Elisa Manti © Venti4uattro, Il Sole 24 Ore
    '...Julia Roberts ha scelto il Castello di Cabbiavoli, nel Chianti, incantanta dagli affreschi della Vergine nella torre del 2100 che fa parte del complesso... '
  • instyle_uk2

    'In Style' UK edition, February 2004

    ‘Portrait of a lady’ by Tim Allis © 'InStyle' UK, photographed by Sante D'Orazio
    '...I love Italy. Everybody's got all the time in the world, whether i's for a wedding or a dinner...'
  • instyle_us

    'InStyle' USA edition, December 2003

    ‘Bella donna’ by Tim Allis © 'InStyle USA', photographed by Sante D'Orazio
    '...Roberts basks in the beauty and spirit of Italy. "It is just amazing," she says. "People are so vibrant and friendly. There's a great exuberance here"...
  • italy

    'Italy ', June 2005 ‘Cabbiavoli castle - a Tuscan paradise’

    © 'Italy Magazine', images by Adam Butler
    '...Adam Butler visits an eight-hundred-year-old property in a breathtaking setting near San Gimignano"...
  • kurierf

    'Kurier Freizeit', 2005

  • vanityfair

    'Vanity Fair' Italia, dicembre 2004

    ‘Julia rifacci sognare’ di Glenn O'Brien © 'Vanity Fair' fotografie Corbis Outline / Contrasto
  • elle

    'Elle' USA, May 2007

    ‘The return of Erin Brockovich' fotografie Sante D'Orazio / Corbis Outline
  • tatler

    'Tatler, Travel Guide' UK, 2007

    The Villa Book, holiday villas of a superior standard.
  • weekend

    'Weekend & Viaggi' Italia, aprile 2007

    ‘Castello di Cabbiavoli, notti da re in Toscana'
  • weekend

    'Eco Travel', march 2012

    'Have a visit in the Italian Villa'